Farm To Work

The Get Active worksite wellness team works with Wood County businesses to help implement healthier employee wellness initiatives. Our HealthyFoods2Worksites (HF2W) toolkit will help your business achieve a healthier food environment; one that supports the health of your employees and shows that you value their well-being and the future health of your community.

The toolkit is flexible, providing you with options to meet the needs of your organization: healthy, on-the-go snacks and meals in vending machines; Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at worksites; and guidelines for healthier foods during work meals, parties, meetings, and events. The goal of HF2W is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice within our Wood County workplaces.

A healthier food environment at work:

- Improves the work climate

- Improves recruitment and retention

- Reduces absenteeism

- Increases productivity

- And most importantly, improves the health of your employees

Contact the Wood County Health Department, at 715.421.8911 or for more information about the HealthyFoods2Worksite program.

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